Release the Apps!

Darkblock has launched a web and tv-app to enable creators to upgrade existing NFTs to include an exclusive piece of content reserved for the NFT owner.

The decentralized protocol layer works by attaching an encrypted asset to an existing NFT. The NFT displayed on a marketplace acts as a “preview” to the underlying asset (jpg, mp4, gif, etc.) protected in a Darkblock. Only the true owner of the NFT (or owners, if fractionalized), is able to decrypt and view the original NFT.

Artists and creators can upgrade their NFTs for free using Darkblock’s web app ( The web app allows for large file uploads (350MB), greater protection from copying, and new ways to monetize and add true scarcity to NFTs.

To view the encrypted NFTs, Darkblock has also released a TV app. The app displays your NFTs while also decrypting those protected with Darkblock. Although still under soft launch, the Darkblock TV app is accessible to anyone with a metamask wallet and a compatible Amazon Fire TV or Android TV device (Download here on the Amazon app Store and here for Google Play).

Pre-Seed Round Closed

We are also excited to announce that we have successfully closed a $1.7M pre-seed round, led by Greenfield One, co-lead by A&T Capital and composed of other notable investors, including leading crypto funds Smape Capital and Unpopular Ventures. Last, but not least, an investment from our favorite blockchain network, Arweave and its Open Web Foundry. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them!

What’s next?

Darkblock is partnering with existing NFT marketplaces to provide our services. Integration for marketplaces is straightforward: Darkblock has an API and implementation suggestions for the frontend of the marketplace. Darkblock will also provide web delivery, allowing marketplaces to easily add decentralized unlockable content to their feature list.

The web delivery is a Javascript widget that can be dropped into a web page. It integrates with popular crypto wallets (MetaMask, for example) to verify ownership of the NFT, unlock the content, and display the Darkblock (images, video, music, pdfs, etc.).

Darkblock’s goal is to encourage new types of content to enter the NFT space. Examples include mediums that have rejected NFTs as being too open, such as comic books, ebooks, and even full length movies. Darkblock also stores all content permanently, decentralized, and censor resistant on Arweave.

Darkblock currently supports Ethereum based NFT standards ERC-721 and ERC-1155, but plans to support all major NFT standards (Palm, Flow, Tezos, etc) and provide token support for partners on a case-by-case basis. The next feature the organization is working on is enabling the rental of NFTs to enable new business models around NFT content.

For further information, please send us a line.

“The NFTization of all digital content is coming, and with it various models of monetization. Darkblock is the key to establishing a decentralized creator economy.” –Darkblock Manifesto