Users can now create, view, and upgrade Darkblocks on their mobile device.

Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, and Ethereum creators can now access using Phantom and Metamask mobile wallets. All users have to do to access their unlockable content is log into their mobile wallet app, open the in-app browser, and go to (see below).

View your NFTs
Access your Unlockables
Supports Many Content Types

Creators can use the mobile integration to add content to their existing Darkblocks (article on content stacking here), create new Darkblocks, or decrypt and view their Darkblocks. NFT collectors can use the mobile integration to easily access their NFTs and view any Darkblocks they own.

Although the NFT movement is mostly desktop-based, we believe seamless accessibility to NFT content on mobile devices is essential in establishing mass adoption of NFTs.

At Darkblock, our vision is to enable creators to deliver their content to their community, regardless of where they are. Mobile support enables that flexibility, new monetization strategies, and greater user engagement.

For a step by step video on how to access your unlockables on the Metamask Mobile App, watch our YouTube video here.

Stay tuned for added mobile wallet compatibility and other Darkblock news on our twitter / discord.