Welcome back to our series, ‘Darkblock Creator Spotlight,’ where we highlight creators using Darkblock to add utility to their NFTs!

Our mission at Darkblock is to enable creators to harness the power of web3 and realize a new creator economy free from platform control. This series allows us to not only highlight and share the talented work of our community, but gain a better understanding of what tools we need to benefit all of us! 

And on that note, it is our pleasure to introduce Box Rocket Studio. 

Where are you located?

Georgia, California, and Latent Space.

Website / Social:


Twitter: @boxrocketstudio

What medium/tools do you use to create your work?

We are animators – Unreal Engine, Maya primarily – but also motion capture and AI systems.

Do you operate in web2, web3, or both? Why?

Both! We work as professional animators in web2 (day job) but are also building a crypto-native animation workflow. We hope to track and manage our assets with Solana programs.

What blockchain(s) do you operate on, Why?

In our opinion, if you are going to build a decentralized animation studio, Solana is the best one to do it on. Solana is clear and straightforward, it’s designed to be a network that optimizes transactions. 

Additionally, the tooling for using the Solana network is being built under our feet. Phantom wallet has beautiful UX which makes it easy to onboard. 

-Excerpts from box studio’s blog post on choosing Solana. Read the full article here.

Tell us how you are using Darkblock.

We have been prototyping giving access to digital assets to NFT holders and experimenting with Darkblock as a solution. We are developing a project where the holder of the NFT will get access to the corresponding fully animatable character rig and other digital assets. So far we have been testing it with early adopters.  The project is called Bar Bots and the early early website is http://barbots.io. So overall, we are using Darkblock to add utility post-mint. 

What tools/features are most important to you as a creator?

We essentially want/need role gated “dropbox”-like access for network members

Anything coming up? Drops? Events? Twitter Spaces?

We are close to launching our first high-end generative line, the Barbots. We intend to come out of stealth in the new year. We are devising a slow roll out/sale strategy. Head to https://barbots.io/ to learn more. 


Thank you to Box Rocket Studio for taking the time to fill out our survey. We love seeing new faces in our community. 

You can find Box Rocket Studio’s work on their project’s page. Make sure to follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube

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