In the NFT community creators and the collectors have formed a symbiotic relationship to bring inconceivable fame and fortune to a select few, while ushering in interesting new ways for communities of like-minded participants to self-form. Owning an NFT from a popular project gives you access to a special club that crosses societal boundaries in ways we did not previously imagine. While newcomers might be initially deterred by the terminology, the most inspiring part of this growing space is the absence of barriers to entry. The decentralized nature of the blockchain facilitates anyone with internet access to make or buy an NFT. While these open arms make the community unique, it also makes protecting and monetizing art and collections challenging. Darkblock is here to change that.

It’s All About Access

NFTs from certain collections are now used as VIP access passes to enter communities filled with others that share your passions. For the first time, art collectors are more than individuals with disposable income. Sure, money still makes more money, but simply having an eye for talent and the spare time to read community platforms is enough to be a successful NFT collector. Newcomers, seasoned NFT collectors, and big investors all have a stake in the future of the NFT space. But it isn’t all about access to the club, there are other types of access that NFTs can provide.

Here at Darkblock, we value the decentralized principles of the blockchain. We also see the importance of access control to the underlying content. This type of access control is needed for proper monetization, security, and exclusivity of many types of NFTs. Our Darkblock protocol layer is an implementation of personal rights management. The protocol allows creators to encrypt their NFT in a gated content vault. Access to the vault is linked to the NFT owner’s wallet, so when the owner sells the NFT, the buyer gains exclusive access. This creates a true digital scarcity that is absent in the current NFT space.

NFTs have become a phenomenon because they bring the concept of scarcity to digital goods. The scarcity principle (we want what we can’t have), applies to everything from relationships to NFTs. But NFT scarcity only encompasses the ownership aspect. By bringing scarcity to the underlying content, Darkblock can increase the value of pieces for collectors.

Additionally, Darkblock encourages artists such as writers, musicians, or comics to enter the NFT space. Without a protocol layer like Darkblock, there is little to no incentive for these artists to mint their work as NFTs. The risk and ease of the public copying and redistributing their work without proper compensation is too high. However, with Darkblock, these creators finally have the protection necessary to sell on the blockchain. This is beneficial to creators as well as collectors interested in acquiring these mediums in digital forms.

Rent Your NFTs : Drake Approves

Until Darkblock, there have been very limited options to earn money on your NFT investments, other than crossing your fingers that the value increases. Using Darkblock, you will soon be able to rent your single NFT, portfolio, or even fractionalized NFTs for additional income. Renting is only viable if there is access control. Without it, there is no reason for anyone to pay you for something they can already view/listen to/read and save.

The rental of your NFTs to museums/galleries/businesses (both physical and virtual!) or other collectors delivers intrinsic value to otherwise speculative NFTs. As long as the creator of your NFT agrees to rent and share their work via Darkblock, you can soon start monetizing your digital assets.

Still Viewing NFTs on Your Phone?

For those of you who already own NFT art, you might be struggling to find a way to properly display your assets. Many NFT artists see their art living alongside traditional art hanging on the wall in your home. Darkblock enables creators to upload higher quality content than most NFT minting sites. As an owner of an NFT with a Darkblock, you can install our TV app, decrypt the work, and exhibit the image the way it was intended by the creator. The app is currently available on the Amazon App Store, as well as Google Play, and is free to download. It can display your entire Ethereum NFT collection, including those upgraded to include a Darkblock. If your NFT lacks a high resolution original locked in a Darkblock, send it to and upgrade it!


Our vision at Darkblock is to offer creators flexible access control for their NFTs. While the benefits of the Darkblock protocol and our apps are not limited to creators and collectors (marketplaces, investors, museums, masses…), we believe these are the two players who have the most to gain. We want to offer collectors added revenue streams, value, and display options for their NFTs, all while remaining consistent with the decentralized origins of the blockchain and protecting the content of NFT creators.