Welcome to our new series, ‘Darkblock Introduces,’ where we highlight creators using Darkblock!

Our mission at Darkblock is to enable creators to harness the power of web3. We want to build a new creator economy free from platform control. This series allows us to not only highlight and share the talented work of our community, but gain a better understanding of what tools we need to benefit all of us! 

And on that note, it is our pleasure to introduce creator Isabelle Gouget.

Where are you located?


Website / Social:



What medium/tools do you use to create your work?

Pastel, Blender 3D and/or Photoshop

What blockchain(s) do you operate on?


Tell us how you are using Darkblock.

Protecting my artwork is very important, that’s why I use Kalamint. On Kalamint.io, you cannot easily copy the image using right-click-save. I use Darkblock to provide a digital file that the buyer can print for their personal use. That way, the world can still benefit from my artwork, even outside of France, and I can live off my art.

What are you most excited about in web3?

Freedom! My local environment is too small for me. I feel the need to spread my work/feelings around the world. Web3 opens the doors of the world to my art. All it needs is patrons!

Anything coming up? Drops? Events? Twitter Spaces?

 I have an Exhibition in France October 22-30th, 2022:


It’s almost Christmas…think about me when looking for a gift  😉 

I am also preparing a puzzle game with NFTs. The goal is to bring together all the pieces of an image. The first to buy all the pieces in order wins a prize! Darkblock allows me to provide a model of the image (for reconstruction), a user manual, and the ability to download the purchased piece of image. The first puzzle piece is already listed here if you want to partake! https://kalamint.io/editions/6615 


Thank you to Isabelle for being our first featured creator! We look forward to following your Darkblock journey! To stay up to date on Isabelle’s work by signing up for her newsletter here.

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