Darkblock, the multichain protocol and app that turns NFTs into decentralized vaults for digital assets, announced today the beta launch of its latest product, “PFP Content Factory.”

Building a PFP project is hard regardless of market conditions. Holders expect regular updates, new content, added value, etc., all while founders are trying to be heads-down building for the future.

Darkblock developed PFP Content Factory to provide these founders with a quick, fun and easy way (also free!) to engage with their holders, develop some camaraderie within the community, and spread the vibes.

PFP Content Factory is a content-generation and bulk-upgrade tool that allows project founders to quickly generate unique images derived from all the PFPs in their collection, then upload the entire batch of newly generated images and have each one automatically attach to the correct corresponding NFT within the collection. This is all done via Darkblock’s protocol.

These derivatives could include overlaying a border around each PFP with custom messages (e.g., “HODL to the moon” or “Find me at #ETHDenver”) or placing each PFP in a cheesy holiday-themed frame. The product will also enable founders to generate 3D assets, such as the original PFP in a digital frame to be hung in the metaverse. Darkblock is also working on the ability to bulk-feed the PFPs into an AI engine like Midjourney to generate AI derivatives, opening up even more possibilities for unique and exclusive content.

Take this PFP of a Blue Cow eating a mushroom…

Assume there are 10k unique and colorful cows like this in the collection. A project founder could use PFP Content Factory to easily create derivatives of all 10k PFPs by applying filters, overlaying borders with custom messages (e.g., “HODL to the moon” or “Find me at #ETHDenver”) or cheesy holiday-themed frames, or randomly applying various graphics.

“Taking a single PFP and putting a border around it is not hard—but quickly doing it to 10k PFPs, and then sorting those 10k new derivatives and attaching them to their correct corresponding PFP… That’s the magic behind PFP Content Factory,” said Chris Seline, CEO of Darkblock. “We’re excited to provide PFP projects with a powerful tool that they can use to push the boundaries of what’s possible with their NFT collections.”

Darkblock piloted the tool with Jungle Cats, a 5k-edition PFP project on Solana. For Valentine’s Day, Darkblock used PFP Content Factory to create Valentine’s Day-themed versions all Jungle Cat holders’ PFPs and then attaching them all in one go to their unique corresponding NFTs. Unlike an airdrop, these Valentine’s Day PFPs were free to deliver and will forever travel with their PFP.

Of course, project founders are also able to use Darkblock’s existing collection-upgrade tool to deliver other types of content (e.g., comic books, videos, films, PDFs, etc.) to all NFTs in a collection—something more akin to “Google Drive for NFTs.”

PFP Content Factory gives projects a low-effort touch point to stay engaged with their communities and, as Darkblock rolls out analytics tools, will give project founders a glimpse into just how engaged their holders are.

The PFP Content Factory is now available for use by PFP project founders. For more information, visit Darkblock’s website or get in touch.