This Thursday (August 11, 2022) at noon central, we will be hosting a metaverse workshop event to help creators mint event NFTs, distribute them via URL clicks, token gate the venue, and deliver a goodie bag via NFT unlockables post event.

You can watch our event live on YouTube, LinkedIn or Twitter.  OR join us in avatar form in Spatial (the worlds biggest metaverse) with a free NFT as your ticket to admission.

Get a Free Event NFT with Goodie Bags

We are distributing the Polygon based NFT by unique clickable links.  The URL for the Spatial room is below.  You will need an NFT to be able to get in.  Fill out the form below to reserve your ticket and we will send you an NFT link:

Did someone say goodie bags?

We are also very excited to announce that all attendees who use an NFT to connect to the metaverse event will receive custom unlockable content from some of the most talented artists.  These include StixandJones, Jayhan, Bl0ckstone and a few more surprises.  Only NFT holders will have access to the unlockables.