Darkblock is thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Cardinal, a rental protocol on Solana. The collaboration plans to bring rentable, unlockable content to the NFT community. The immediate use case for NFT rental will be the rental of 1 of 1 content like art and metaverse assets. Long term, our vision is to facilitate wide-spread rental of content. Music, podcasts, video content, and subscription to content feeds are the natural market for this service.

Creators and buyers will now be able to monetize their digital assets without selling their work/collections. The proceeds from rentals will still flow back to the original creator of the NFT.

The rental service will launch on Solana soon. Exact information on the release will be announced via our social media accounts, so stay tuned! Once launched, rental will be available for protected, Darkblock encrypted NFTs.

We are so grateful to the geniuses at Cardinal who share our vision of encrypted content rental and we can’t wait to work together.

About Cardinal:

Cardinal is a protocol on Solana designed to enhance the utility of NFTs and empower the next generation of on-chain digital assets. The Cardinal standard allows you to either wrap an existing token or create a new one with built in functionality for revocation, automatic time or use-based expiry, and selective transferability.

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About Darkblock:

Darkblock gives creators more control over the distribution of their content. Comics, ebooks, podcasts, music, movies, journalism, pay-per-view, YouTube, OnlyFans, Patreon, influencer content, metaverse assets — and more — will all require access control to become viable NFT markets. Whether it’s through sales, ad revenue or rentals, we aim to guarantee the flow of income to creators by letting them hold the keys to their content.

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