Jungle Cats and Darkblock have teamed up to create an exclusive comic unlockable for their Safari series.

Jungle Cats users will be given the opportunity to purchase the Darkblock protected NFT in an auction on Jungle Cat’s website launching today (June 16, 2022) at 11AM CST. All users will have access to the first page of the comic, but only the highest bidder will be able to unlock and access the full comic.

We are excited for this collaboration as it highlights not only the limitless possibilities of unlockables (gamification, extended utility, community building, etc.), but also the importance of security in web3 for pay-per-view mediums like comics. Without encryption via Darkblock, pay-per-view creations on web3 are not monetizable and are vulnerable to copying/resale. With Darkblock, comics can finally enter the web3 arena. In this case, a jungle safari!

To enter the auction for the Jungle Cats comic, head over to their emporium and get started. Stay up to date on other Darkblock partnerships and happenings on our twitter or by joining our discord at chat.darkblock.io.

About Jungle Cats:

Jungle Cats is a strong and diverse community building in Web3 and the Metaverse. Jungle Cats is a collection of high-quality Lions and Lionesses roaming the Solana blockchain. Their OG collection of 5500 lions was deployed in October 2021 and sold over 80,000 tickets. Following the first drop, lion holders were given free Lionesses (3800 total!). JC’s second phase of operation is an interactive ‘Jungle Safari’ roadmap hosted on their website. Holders of both a Lion and a Lioness will send their Jungle Cats on a journey through the safari to find their voice and yield $GROAR. Each stage unlocks new areas of the map to experience the ecosystem. Learn more on their website!

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About Darkblock:

Darkblock gives creators more control over the distribution of their content. Comics, ebooks, podcasts, music, movies, journalism, pay-per-view, YouTube, OnlyFans, Patreon, influencer content, metaverse assets — and more — will all require access control to become viable NFT markets. Whether it’s through sales, ad revenue or rentals, we aim to guarantee the flow of income to creators by letting them hold the keys to their content.

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