Kalamint has officially partnered with Darkblock to support unlockable content. We are thrilled to partner with a marketplace that shares our decentralized mission! The collaboration was the natural next step as Darkblock offers one of the only decentralized protocol layers for unlockables.

Tezos creators will finally be able to mint and sell their NFTs with Darkblock content attached on the Kalamint marketplace.

We have been working closely for a while with the talented Kalamint team in preparation of this partnership and we can’t wait for it to go live.

The launch date of this feature has not been announced so be on the lookout on our social media accounts for more details.

About Kalamint:

Kalamint, a leader of the Clean NFT movement, is one of the first marketplaces on Tezos, an LPoS blockchain that consumes a fraction of the energy compared to its power-hungry counterparts. Backed by Tim Draper’s Draper Goren Holm VenturesAmesten CapitalMoonwhale Ventures among others, Kalamint is one of the only NFT marketplaces which is truly on-chain, meaning that the data on the chain can never be altered or lost.

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About Darkblock:

Darkblock gives creators more control over the distribution of their content. Comics, ebooks, podcasts, music, movies, journalism, pay-per-view, YouTube, OnlyFans, Patreon, influencer content, metaverse assets — and more — will all require access control to become viable NFT markets. Whether it’s through sales, ad revenue or rentals, we aim to guarantee the flow of income to creators by letting them hold the keys to their content.

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