Darkblock is thrilled to announce our latest partner, Monark Market, an NFT marketplace designed specifically for metaverse assets.

Monark Market has integrated the Darkblock Protocol into its marketplace, allowing creators of metaverse assets—whether environments, wearables, art, or metaverse decor—to use Darkblock to encrypt and attach their creations to NFTs in the form of unlockable content. 

Integrating Darkblock fit with Monark’s goal to provide simple, creator-focused solutions to bring the metaverse further into the mainstream, according to Michael Shoup, CEO of Monark Market.

Michael was developing his own back-end solution to help creators protect their IP when they sell it on his marketplace, and to help consumers who need to download and reupload their metaverse assets into their preferred virtual world, when he stumbled upon Darkblock.

“The idea here is we want to enable artists to be able to create in whatever fashion they like. We want them to know their IP is protected, deliver the assets in a cool way, and finally pull that into metaverses and other software like games without having to require the users to download. It would simply be there in their metaverse.” 

The Darkblock Protocol and API facilitate file delivery for Monark into the various locations the marketplace is aiming to deliver assets: Unity, Metaverses, etc. Darkblock also plans to facilitate alternative monetization streams in the future for creators on Monark, such as content rental or subscriptions.

You can already find the Darkblock viewer embedded in Monark Market (see image below). 

Go check out their newly launched marketplace and claim their free Polygon Metaverse Party Pack NFT for your next metaverse event, complete with disco ball! 



About Darkblock: 

Darkblock enables creators to distribute and monetize their content in a web3 native way. Using Darkblock, creators can encrypt, permanently store, and immutably attach multimedia content to their NFTs that’s only available to holders—comic books, movies, music, ebooks, podcasts, or 3D metaverse assets. Whether it’s through sales, ad revenue or rentals, Darklock aims to guarantee the flow of income to creators by letting them hold the keys to their content.

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About Monark Market:

At Monark, we’re experts at building experiences within the Metaverse, and know all too well the issues surrounding the industry. That’s why we’re excited to be building Monark Market: The Marketplace for the Metaverse, focused on solving 3 main problems we see within the industry today.

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