We are thrilled to announce our most recent partnership with Pianity, a music NFT platform that encourages community engagement through creation, sharing, trading, and collecting of limited-edition tracks.

Pianity has been a friend of Darkblock’s since the very beginning. They participated in the Arweave hackathon with us back in April of 2021. Their platform has taken off alongside Darkblock and we are thrilled to finally be teaming up.

Both Darkblock and Pianity share a common mission to offer creators new ways to monetize their work and regain independent control. While Pianity already has access to unlockable content, Darkblock’s protocol will allow Pianity users to store their content permanently on Arweave.

Unlockable content in music allows artists to connect deeper with their fans and offer privileged experiences such as meeting with the artists, backstage access to shows, exclusive bonus content, and direct access to private group discussions. The use-cases are endless and will only strengthen musical experience in web3.

Keep your eyes peeled for announcements on when this functionality is available and stay up to date on Darkblock news on our discord at chat.darkblock.io.

About Pianity:

Pianity is a music NFT platform — built on environmentally-conscious Arweave technology — where musicians and their community gather to create, sell, buy and collect songs in limited editions. Pianity’s pioneering approach, which includes free listening for all, enables deeper connections between artists and their audience. Because Pianity treats music as fine art, artists gain a new source of independent revenue while simultaneously enabling fans to grow and showcase their music collections.

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About Darkblock:

Darkblock gives creators more control over the distribution of their content. Comics, ebooks, podcasts, music, movies, journalism, pay-per-view, YouTube, OnlyFans, Patreon, influencer content, metaverse assets — and more — will all require access control to become viable NFT markets. Whether it’s through sales, ad revenue or rentals, we aim to guarantee the flow of income to creators by letting them hold the keys to their content.

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