It has been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over; Darkblock is officially live on SolSea. With the undeniable growth of Solana, this collaboration has been a priority for Darkblock for months.

To integrate on SolSea, Darkblock provided the NFT marketplace with an API and implementation suggestions for the frontend. Additionally, Darkblock provided web delivery (Javascript widget) so Solsea could easily add unlockable content to their feature list.

Darkblock’s integration with SolSea will allow Solana creators to attach an encrypted asset to an existing NFT. On the “Create NFT” page on SolSea, users will see a checkbox for unlockable content. Creators can check whether they wish to make the NFT content protected or accessible for all. The NFT displayed on SolSea will act as a “preview” to the underlying asset (jpg, mp4, gif, etc.) protected in a Darkblock. Only the true owner of the NFT (or owners, if fractionalized), is able to decrypt and view the original NFT.

With the added security of Darkblock, mediums previously limited by copyright issues like comics, full-length movies, and music, are now all viable use-cases for NFTs on Solana. Darkblock also facilitates larger file uploads (350MB) and permanent, decentralized, censor resistant, free storage on Arweave.

It is Darkblock’s mission to continue to add blockchains to our protocol to offer protection of NFTs and provide the necessary tools for creators to publish their NFTs, regardless of where they choose to publish. Stay tuned for more blockchain support news on our website/twitter!

Still have questions? Our team is available 24/7 to help on discord.

“The NFTization of all digital content is coming, and with it various models of monetization. Darkblock is the key to establishing a decentralized creator economy.” –Darkblock Manifesto