Indie creators aren’t the only ones realizing the benefits of using Darkblock to provide exclusive access to digital content in a web3-native way.

Darkblock just wrapped up a project with Jungle Cats, a PFP project on Solana, that yielded the creation of more than 110,000 unique 3D assets. Using Darkblock’s protocol for decentralized unlockable content, each of these 3D assets was encrypted, stored in a darkblock that was minted on Arweave, and immutably attached to one of the 5,585 NFTs in the Jungle Cats collection.

This morning, holders of each Jungle Cats NFT has exclusive access to 10 unique 3D frames that showcase their iconic lion PFP. These frames vary in shape and color, ensuring that every asset is a truly one-of-a-kind addition to the NFT holder’s collection. NFT holders can now showcase their framed Jungle Cats PFP in virtual reality environments or explore augmented reality experiences. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination of the Jungle Cats community.

In addition to the Darkblock protocol’s ability to turn NFTs into decentralized vaults for encrypted digital assets, this project was also made possible by PFP Content Factory, Darkblock’s content-generation and bulk-upgrade tool. PFP Content Factory allows project founders to quickly generate unique images derived from all the PFPs in their collection, then upload the entire batch of newly generated images and have each one automatically attach to the correct corresponding NFT within the collection.

This partnership exemplifies the power of Darkblock’s decentralized unlockable content technology and its ability to enhance and add value to NFT projects. By providing Jungle Cats NFT holders with unique and exclusive 3D assets, Darkblock enriches the community’s experience and solidifies the value of owning a Jungle Cats NFT.

Jungle Cats holders can access and download their 3D assets by visiting the Darkblock app and following these steps:

  • Connect your wallet
  • Select “My NFTs” from the main nav bar
  • Select the “Unlockables” tab to view your NFTs that have decentralized unlockable content attached
  • Click on your Jungle Cat PFP
  • To the right, under the description, you should see the Darkblock Viewer with some content visible, but still inaccessible. Click the button that says “Authenticate Ownership”
  • Sign the message to confirm you own the wallet that contains this NFT
  • Once the content is decrypted, select the file and download!
  • Show it off in AR or VR environments

While Jungle Cats holders can access their 3D assets via the Darkblock app, the unlockable content is accessible from anywhere that integrates the protocol. Darkblock’s mission is to decentralize content and make it accessible anywhere someone interacts with their NFTs, whether it’s an ebook, videos, PDFs, or metaverse assets.

If you have a PFP project and are interested in doing something similar for your community, check out PFP Content Factory and/or email Whit, who leads communications and partnerships at Darkblock.