Darkblock, a web3 pioneer in decentralized content delivery and monetization, is excited to announce a partnership with DigitalTradingCards.com (DTC) that will add utility to the digital collectibles minted, bought, and sold on its platform. 

DTC, an independent marketplace for digital collectibles built atop the Polygon network, has already begun integrating Darkblock’s protocol for decentralized unlockable content, which will give creators on its platform the ability to encrypt and attach exclusive multimedia content to their digital collectibles—that could be videos, music, metaverse assets, PDFs, or any type of digital file. Only owners of the digital collectibles will be able to unlock the attached multimedia content, which will travel with the collectible if it’s ever sold to another party.

Importantly, this content will not be token-gated on DTC’s platform. Darkblock believes decentralization should apply to a collector’s ownership over content as well as to a creator’s ability to make a living without relying on centralized platforms. Token gating does not deliver on web3’s promise of decentralization because it most often relies on a centralized website portal or centralized storage to deliver the content to holders. However, Darkblock is a decentralized, open-source protocol built atop Arweave, a decentralized storage network. This means that a collector will not only be able to unlock and access their digital collectibles’ content on DTC’s website, but from the growing number of websites, marketplaces, native apps, and wallets that integrate with the protocol. 

“Web3 technology, including non-fungible tokens and protocols like ours, has the potential to revolutionize the creator economy by allowing creators to have more control over their digital assets and creations,” says Chris Seline, Darkblock’s co-founder and CEO. “Only by controlling distribution and access to their content, while also protecting the underlying IP, will the long-tail of creators be empowered to find their 1,000 true fans and make a living from their work.” 

Creator monetization opportunities made possible by Darkblock’s technology are another major factor that led to this partnership. With the protocol as the foundation, Darkblock is building a rapidly expanding suite of monetization tools, including unlockable content rental and subscription options, which will provide new sources of income for creators and collectors on the DTC platform.

“We are excited to see how this partnership will enhance the user experience on DigitalTradingCards.com and create even more opportunities for our community to collect, engage, and even monetize these unique digital assets,” says Michael Pace, DTC’s founder and CEO.


About Darkblock
Darkblock, a web3 pioneer in decentralized content delivery and monetization, enables creators to control the distribution, accessibility, and monetization of their content without making it right-click-savable. By repurposing NFTs into tokenized vaults for digital content (e.g., music, videos, podcasts, films, comics, ebooks, 3D metaverse or gaming assets, or even HTML files), Darkblock provides the encryption infrastructure creators need to harness the power of web3 technology, unlock new storytelling and community-building tools, explore new business models and ultimately build a new creator economy free from platform control. 

About DTC
DigitalTradingCards.com is an independent marketplace for digital collectibles, including art, trading cards, game tokens, and a variety of other digital assets. It is secured on the Polygon blockchain and uses the Ethereum network for scaling, offering a carbon-neutral alternative to many other popular blockchain marketplaces out there.