Have you ever wanted to see your NFT? Sick of ‘casting’ and want a native app? Download our Darkblock TV-app. Available now on the Amazon app store and Google Play store, our TV-app allows users to utilize their existing smart TV to exhibit their digital assets. Select from custom display and orientation settings to get the most of your NFT artwork.

Our TV-app also forms as a decryption device for NFTs with a Darkblock (For anyone interested in protecting their NFT using a Darkblock, check out this article and video for a simple guide). While web-delivery for decryption and browser viewing is coming soon, the TV app is by far the best way to display your NFTs today. (Follow us on twitter for updates on our web-delivery release).

Follow the video below for a step-by-step guide on using the TV-app!

Here is an outline of the steps described in the video. These instructions are compatible with Amazon Fire Stick, but you can also easily download the app on Google’s Chromecast or any recent Android TV device.

  1. From the firestick’s homepage, select the “Find” tab.
  2. Scroll down to the yellow ‘search’ box and search “Darkblock.” Scroll down to the Apps and Games section
  3. Select the Darkblock TV app.
  4. Hit the play button once the icon appears.
  5. Select your desired display orientation and click continue.
  6. Enter app.darkblock.io/tv into your web browser and input the code displayed on your tv screen.
  7. Sign the signature request from MetaMask to verify account authenticity.
  8. View any of your NFT’s!
  9. If you have an encrypted Darkblock, select the “Decrypt and Display” button and that’s it!

We hope this video and outline are helpful for you to display and enjoy your Darkblocks! As always, feel free to join our discord at chat.darkblock.io and ask any questions you have there. We want the community to shape this space, so all forms of feedback are encouraged!