ATTN Marketplaces: Integrating Darkblock has never been easier!

If you haven’t already heard of Darkblock, we are a decentralized NFT unlockables protocol. Our mission is to give creators and collectors more control and new ways to monetize their NFTs.

NFT users want unlockables. Why are our unlockables so desirable?

Because Darkblock is:

  • decentralized
  • multi-chain (Now: ETH, Solana) (Next: Tezos, Polygon, Binance, Arweave etc.)
  • gives creators more control
  • but most importantly…

Darkblock is EASY to integrate thanks to our REST API and Darkblock Viewer.

In addition to our protocol, Darkblock built a REST API and Viewer to make our protocol easy to integrate into marketplaces, metaverses, games and other NFT platforms.

We have a two-pronged product offering that makes it possible to incorporate decentralized, encrypted unlockables.

The Darkblock API

The Darkblock REST API makes it incredibly simple to create a Darkblock during the NFT minting process, or later as an upgrade. With one simple REST call, we take care of the heavy lifting; we encrypt, store the content permanently on Arweave, and handshake with our protocol.

How-to API video:

The Darkblock Viewer

The Darkblock Viewer makes consuming Darkblocks simple. The Viewer is a compact, javascript widget that can be embedded easily into any web page. Simply pass the details of the NFT to the Viewer via a few javascript parameters, and the Viewer takes care of the rest. It will enable users to authenticate their NFT ownership within the widget, and view (or listen to!) the unlocked content. We also have full screen modes for appropriate content types.

How-to Embed the Viewer:

How-to use the Viewer:

The Viewer supports many formats, and will continually be upgraded to support new file types, including epub, 3d assets, interactive content, and much more.


We have a lot in store for the Viewer, including consumption of multiple Darkblocks per NFT, music and movie playlists, and content rental. Owners of NFTs with Darkblocks will be able to embed our widget into their site, monetize their content, and collect a portion of the proceeds that connect back to the marketplace where the Darkblock originated. FOREVER.

We are dedicated to working with any marketplace that wants to enable creators to monetize content of all types and we plan to continue to make our protocol integration as easy as possible for marketplaces.


Darkblock recently partnered with ALL.ART to bring unlockables to the SolSea marketplace. Read the press-release here to learn more about how our missions align.