We’re thrilled to announce Darkblock, the multi-chain protocol enabling token-bound content, has added support for its sixth blockchain.

As of this week, we now support PulseChain! This integration opens up a world of possibilities for creators, users, and developers in the PulseChain ecosystem.

For Users: Upgrade Your NFTs with Multimedia Content

The Darkblock protocol enables any multimedia file to be encrypted and permanently attached to a single NFT or entire collection, creating what we call token-bound assets that are portable, composable, and able to be accessed in a decentralized way via our open-source Viewer.

By using the Darkblock app (though we’d love to see devs build new ones for the PulseChain ecosystem), anyone can now easily encrypt and attach whatever type of content they like—whether PDFs, EPUBs, MP3s, MP4s, GLBs, etc.—to their NFTs. Only owners of the NFTs will be able to decrypt and access the content (learn more in our docs).

Using Darkblock is a perfect way for creators to sell premium content in a web3-native way or for artists or project founders to reward their communities of holders with exclusive goodies. You can even embed our open-source Viewer in your own website, offering a portal to the Darkblock app that holders can use to decrypt and access their token-bound files and allowing you to keep your community on your site rather than send them to a platform’s token-gated walled garden.

For Developers: Build the Future of Web3 Applications

Darkblock’s support for PulseChain means developers can now integrate Darkblock into their apps, platforms, games, and more.

One of the powers of Darkblock is that it showcases the power of composability in a whole new way—with multimedia files. You see, once NFTs’ carry token-bound assets (rather than the assets being locked in walled gardens and token-gated) they become accessible to any app or platform or game that integrates the Darkblock protocol.

Imagine crafting entirely new user experiences where token-bound assets act as media building blocks. Using Darkblock, devs could build web3-native versions of Audible, OnlyFans, Kindle, Gumroad, etc., on PulseChain. Games and Metaverses could integrate the protocol to enable users to connect their wallets and upload their 3D avatars and metaverse assets at runtime. For example, each Pulse Cat holder could have the 3D file encrypted and attached to their NFT.

Unleash your creativity and leverage Darkblock on PulseChain to pioneer the next generation of decentralized apps! Check out the docs or come chat in our Discord’s dev-chat channel.

How to Get Started: Connect Your Wallet

Ready to explore the potential of Darkblock on PulseChain and redefine the possibilities of NFTs?

If you’re a creator or project founder, visit our app, connect your wallet and begin encrypting multimedia content that you want to attach to your NFTs.

For developers, our documentation provides the necessary insights to seamlessly integrate Darkblock into your projects.

Darkblock is here to empower creators, users, and developers in the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology, so we can’t wait to see what the PulseChain community creates with Darkblock.

Stay tuned for more updates, innovations, and a future where NFTs are more than just static images – they’re a gateway to immersive, multimedia experiences.