Darkblock is a decentralized protocol that enables digital creators to upgrade their NFTs with special content only accessible by the NFT owner. Darkblock gives creators more control over their content to enable new business models leveraging the power of NFTs.

Darkblock is an open protocol for creators to leverage without permission. Darkblocks can be created and deployed to Arweave’s permanent data store directly, and then accessed via our TV App, our forthcoming web-delivery widget, or by interacting with the protocol to display content directly into any application.

While Darkblock is easy to use for creators and collectors using our web and tv apps, it can be daunting for marketplaces and partners to incorporate Darkblock as a feature of their NFT minting process.

Enter: The Darkblock API

The Darkblock API (still in beta) enables our partners to create Darkblocks with a simple REST call, removing the complicated process of implementing our specifications and integrating with Arweave and the headache of encryption and integration with blockchain technologies.

While the protocol is also available permissionless, the API makes set-up a much smoother process.

Darkblock’s API facilitates NFT marketplaces to easily add unlockable content to their product offering. While increased security is already available on some platforms, Darkblock’s protocol stores all content permanently on Arweave. No editing, no content hot-switching, no server outages, etc. Darkblock is unlockable content de-risked.

Darkblock also facilitates higher definition uploads (350MB max file size, larger files coming soon) and various formats. This means users looking for high quality art to display on their smart tv, creators with an innovative idea for selling their work, or people looking to upload new kind of content to the space NFT like full length films will head to your marketplace to do so.

In order to further incentivize marketplaces to implement our API, we will also be offering a cut of rental revenues to our marketplace partners. Our rental technology is in development, but soon will be a feature for NFTs upgraded with a Darkblock. Finally NFTs do not have to be a sunk cost investment or locked away forever. Users will be able to earn rental revenue on their digital assets using one click, pay-per-view options or even longer-term rental to other collectors. Rental also facilitates otherwise priced out consumers to enter the NFT.

Here is an example of what the Darkblock unlockable content could look like for marketplace users in the minting process:

Darkblock API facilitates marketplaces to easily partner with Darkblock without the typical hassle associated with implementing a new protocol. Using the API, marketplaces can offer their users the benefits of Darkblock and gain additional users and revenue from our forthcoming rental protocol.

Check out our open API documentation here.

Thoughts? Interested? Message us on our Discord at discord.darkblock.io or email us.