Unlockable Party Packs, or UPPs, is the latest unlockable feature offered by Darkblock. The packs debuted during NFT NYC at the Beyond the Metaverse Party hosted by Spatial, Ready Player Me, and David Cash.

For this event, physical cards with a unique QR code were handed out to attendees. The code on the UPP card granted party goers access (after NFT wallet verification) to the unlockable photos uploaded by the event photographer. However, the packs are not limited to photos. Any digital content can be attached to an unlockable party pack.

UPPs enable shared ownership of digital content by any user with access to an NFT. The Beyond the Metaverse event chose QR codes/cards, but the NFT activation doesn’t have to be QR codes. The NFT that gets upgraded could be the ticket to the event, a token, or any other proof of presence (PoP) tool.

The packs enable extended engagement with your community via retroactive distribution. Send attendee’s merch, give your biggest fans exclusive access to upcoming events, offer discount codes to a select group, etc.

Best of all, the packs are easy to use! Even web3 novices are accustomed to scanning QR codes on their phones. While wallet verification is required to access the unlockables, onboarding newcomers is easier than ever as companies continue to reduce barriers to entry and simplify the wallet creation process.

Interested in offering your event attendees or biggest fans exclusive unlockable content? Reach out on twitter or discord and we will help you set it up! (Spoiler, it’s incredibly simple!)