PFP Content Factory

Building an NFT/PFP project is hard regardless of market conditions.

It’s a challenge to constantly come up with ways to keep your holders engaged and excited to be part of your community while you’re building for the long term.

What if you had a free and easy way to make fun variations of your community members’ PFPs—and deliver them straight to their NFTs. These PFP variations could be used to rally the community around a specific cause, show solidarity with a fellow project, celebrate holidays, or just spread the vibes.

Take this PFP of a Blue Cow eating a mushroom…

Assume there are 10k unique and colorful cows like this in the collection. With PFP Content Factory from Darkblock, you could with a few clicks download each of your holders’ 10k jpgs and create new variations. Apply different filters to the PFPs, overlay borders with a message (e.g., “HODL to the moon” or “Find me at #ETHDenver”), or randomly apply various frames and graphics.

Use your imagination and you could come up with variations like these…

Once you have your newly embellished PFP, that’s when the magic happens. Using Darkblock’s protocol, each of the new 10k PFP variations are encrypted, permanently stored on Arweave, and immutably attached to the correct original NFT (i.e., the blue cow variation will be attached to the OG blue cow, not a rainbow cow).

But wait, there’s more!

Simple frames and borders isn’t all you can do with PFP Content Factory.

Let’s add 3D assets to the mix!

We can insert your PFPs into 3D frames, so your holders can hang them up in the metaverse or enjoy at home with AR (plan ahead and capitalize on hype around Apple’s VR glasses release in late 2023).

  • USDZ format for Apple devices
  • GLB for Android devices

Or AI-generated content

With PFP Content Factory, feed your holders’ PFPs into an AI engine coupled with custom prompts to generate funky variations (or a gif of them all together) of each individual PFP to be attached to their corresponding NFT.

Taking our blue cow as an example, here’s what we got with the following prompt:

a cow with a tongue sticking out of its mouth, a digital painting, inspired by Ron English, behance contest winner, starving artist wearing overalls, blue tiefling, retro psychedelic illustration, on a farm

That’s one trippy cow.

Attach a QR code to your NFTs

By delivering a QR code directly to each NFT you can deliver an exclusive link to a site, in a way the holder is 100% certain that it’s legit (from the creators).

Really, you can deliver any type of content to your PFP collection

While PFP Content Factory is a content-generation and bulk-upgrade tool that allows project founders to quickly generate and deliver unique images derived from all PFPs in an NFT collection, Darkblock can be used to deliver any type of exclusive content you’re creating, whether videos, comic books, interviews, music, podcasts, gaming assets, etc.

Your imagination is the only limiting factor when it comes to using Darkblock!

Sounds good, right?

Let’s chat!

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