Ink Block: A Literary NFT Sampler

Ink Block is a free-to-mint NFT with a ton of unlockable content in the form of novel excerpts, short stories, audiobook samples, and poems from more than a dozen Web3 creators, including NYTimes-bestselling author Joe Nassise, Erfan Mojib, Katie Dozier, Jon F. Merz, Edward H. Carpenter, Tom Leveen, and M.S. Bourland.

We built this in public on a YouTube livestream in less than two hours. We used Midjourney to create the cover, Thirdweb to deploy the contract & embed the minting widget on this page, and our own app to encrypt & attach the content. It was fun & we had several authors join us to banter as we created the NFT.

Once minted, you can immediately authenticate ownership and unlock the NFT’s contents. You could also find and unlock the NFT on our app (UX for reading the content is likely better here as full-screen is automatic) or, if you’ve installed our Chrome extension, on OpenSea (here’s the NFT on OS).