Unlock the Power of Token-Bound Content

Whether you’re publishing comics, movies, music, eBooks, or metaverse assets, The Darkblock Protocol lets you harness Web3 to deliver exclusive content to your fans, forge stronger ties with your community, and get paid via a variety of new, emerging business models.


Monetize content on your platform.

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Add Token-Bound content to any NFT or collection.

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Pioneers Using Darkblock

Unlock the Power of Token-Bound Content

Whether you’re publishing comics, movies, music, eBooks, or metaverse assets, The Darkblock Protocol lets you harness Web3 to deliver exclusive content to your fans, forge stronger ties with your community, and get paid via a variety of new, emerging business models.

  • Sell editions of an NFT as an eBook, music album, and more.
  • Attach exclusive content to an individual NFT. More here.
  • Upgrade entire NFT collections to give all holders access to exclusive content! More here.


Monetize content on your platform

Start Building Today


Monetize content on your platform

Start Building Today


Create Token-Bound content for free.

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Join these pioneers in exploring the future of decentralized content

Add Unlockable Content to Your NFTs

What is Darkblock?

What is Darkblock?

Watch this video and learn why Darkblock is building a decentralized content protocol and web3 tools for the new creator economy

Explore use cases

Explore use cases

Comics & Books

Sell your comic books, graphic novels, books, and audiobooks by locking them inside your NFTs and providing exclusive access and true ownership to your fans without needing to worry about centralized token-gating platforms. Simply upload your content and Darkblock does the rest.

Content Creation

Patreon, Udemy, OnlyFans, Substack, YouTube… With Darkblock, you can use NFTs to distribute digital content without Web2 middelmen, engage with your community on your own terms, and explore new ways of getting paid, including renting access to content or exploring how to use Subscription NFTs to provide fans with ongoing subscriber-only content, whether it’s NSFW, exclusive podcast episodes, or video lectures.


Filmmakers are experimenting with NFTs to fund production, but are forced to return to Web2 tools to distribute the finished film (i.e., token gating with centralized file storage and centralized web portals). With Darkblock, you can use NFTs to not only crowdfund, but to deliver the finished product and various extras to your holders in a decentralized way that provides true ownership.

PFP Projects

PFP project creators can use Darkblock to upgrade their entire collection by immutably attaching unlockable content to the NFTs. Reward holders with videos, music, 3D metaverse and gaming assets, invites to secret chat rooms, etc. You could also use trait-targeting to reward certain holders with more valuable content. Your imagination is the only limit to what’s possible.


Turn your Music NFT into a container for an entire unlockable album or, if you prefer your music to be freely listenable, then use Darkblock to reward your super fans with exclusive access to music videos, recordings of live shows, B-side tracks, lyric sheets, concept art, etc., all stored as decentralized unlockable content that will forever be available to whoever owns your NFTs.


Tickets no longer need to be just mementoes for your scrapbook. They can be tokenized containers for content, like the audio recording of the show the ticket was for. With Darkblock, musicians, concert promoters, and event organizers can deliver real value to their ticket holders, and explore new monetization and fan-engagement strategies.

Swag Bags

Hosting an event and want to send out valuable digital assets as party favors? Let people mint an NFT or POAP that acts as a digital swag bag. Load it with whatever kind of unlockable content you want: directions to an exclusive event, links to claim real-life merch, music, videos, you name it.

Metaverse & Gaming

Use Darkblock to sell metaverse and gaming assets without worrying about them being right-click-saved. And if you’re creating and selling assets for Unity-based applications, Darkblock’s Unity plug-in allows your customers to automatically upload their NFTs’ unlockable assets to the metaverse or game at runtime.

Monetize your NFTs

Monetize your NFTs

New, groundbreaking technology always creates opportunities for new business models—even if those opportunities aren’t immediately apparent.

By rethinking how independent creators sell and distribute their content from the ground up and shedding Web2 ways of providing exclusive access (e.g., locking content in walled gardens and gating access with a password or token), Darkblock empowers creators to explore new Web3-native business models.

Attach unlockable content to your NFTs

Monetize access to that unlockable content

Split the revenue the unlockable content generates with NFT owners

Learn About Monetization

Builders & creators ❤︎ Darkblock

Builder & creators ❤︎ Darkblock

Ed Young

Founder of NFT.hiphop and co-founder of The Source Magazine

“As someone deeply rooted in the music industry, Darkblock’s technology is an absolute game-changer. People have been suspect of NFTs because the technology has lacked any demonstrable way to protect their IP. Everything has been right-click-savable and artists are giving their music away for free. But Darkblock provides the solution. It provides a way to deliver all types of content as NFTs, reap the obvious benefits of forming closer relationships with fans and customers, while still safeguarding their IP. I believe Darkblock provides a path for Hip Hop, and the entire music industry, to embrace and adopt web3.”


An on-chain platform for publishing, trading, collecting, and reading digital comics

“Piracy isn’t a price issue, it’s a service issue.” – Gabe Newell, CEO of Steam

With dReader we will provide a service superior to piracy. Not just an e-reader app, but a redefined digital comic experience. Engage with creators, unwrap new comics, trade assets and grow your portfolio, collect autographs, and earn unique rewards. This answers the question we’re asked the most: “Why would I buy a comic on your platform if I can just read it for free on the web?”

This is something we’re solving with our key partner Darkblock, by providing users the true ownership over assets and thus enabling the web3 comic collecting experience!


Creator of The Endling Saga

“For years before I heard of web3, I had a dream of finding new and interesting ways to tell a story. Something that combined all modes of delivering narrative and that utilised all available media. Until I had heard of web3, it was a pipe-dream. But with this new technology I found the perfect vehicle for it.

An important part of this project is not just finding new ways of telling it, but new ways to involve the ‘listener’ too. Things like ownership, provenance & gamification can result in innovative ways for people to consume the story, and immerse themselves in it.

A perfect tool for this is token-bound, unlockable content, made possible by Darkblock. With it, I can reward collectors with things like high-res print files, show them a peak behind the curtain with timelapses or development notes and, most fun of all, create exclusive pieces of the story puzzle that only they can see.

I’ve been able to embed this exclusive content on my website, TheEndlingSaga.io, giving collectors a unique deep-diving experience all in one place. With Darkblock I can truly start to break new ground in storytelling and the pipe-dream is becoming a reality.”

How it works

How it works

Upgrade your NFTs

Use Darkblock to upload multimedia content and other digital assets you want attached to your new or pre-existing NFTs

The magic happens

Behind the scenes, the Darkblock Protocol encrypts the content, permanently stores it on Arweave, and immutably attaches it to your chosen NFTs

Your fans access the content

With the content attached, only NFT owners can unlock and consume it via Darkblock’s dApp or on an increasing number of NFT platforms and marketplaces that have integrated the protocol

Explore new Web3-native business models

New ways to deliver your content = new ways to monetize your content. Darkblock helps you get paid in a new ways and introduces co-creation and revenue-sharing opportunities with your communities.

Upgrade Your NFTs

The future of content is here

and it’s decentralized

The future of content is here

and it’s decentralized

For creators

Decentralized content means controlling the distribution and monetization of their content without relying on centralized platforms, while decentralized storage means their content is immutable.

For consumers

Decentralized content means forever-access without worrying about broken Dropbox links, unpinned IPFS content, or 404 messages on token-gated websites— even 50 years from now.

Learn About the Protocol

Key features

Key features

Decentralized protocol. Decentralized storage. Decentralized access. What that means is NFT owners have unfettered access to the unlockable content indefinitely without centralized points of failure.

Darkblock is Web3’s missing encryption and access control layer. Some creators (e.g., authors, filmmakers, comic book creators, etc.) need the ability to protect their IP and control access to their content before truly taking advantage of web3 technology.

New ways to deliver exclusive content means new ways of generating income from that content. With Darkblock, creators can sell NFTs that contain exclusive content, they can rent access to an NFT’s unlockable content & (coming soon) charge subscriptions and turn NFTs into delivery channels for subscriber-only content. Darkblock is also introducing ways creators will be able to co-create and share revenue with owners of their NFTs.

Darkblock enables not only sinlge NFT upgrades but also for enitre collections. Deliver immutable exclusive unlockable content to your holders with one click. You can even target specific traits or tokens IDs.

Darkblock allows creators to attach an unlimited amount of content to a single NFT, an entire collection, or trait-specific subsets of a collection.

Creators can attach any type of digital file to their NFT. Go wild with music, videos, PDFs, 3D assets, whatever you like.

Darkblock’s API and NPM packages enable devs to easily integrate Darkblock and the Darkblock Viewer into any marketplace or website.

Darkblock currently supports Ethereum, Solana, Tezos, Polygon, Avalanche, with more on the way.

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