The Darkblock API

Darkblock is a decentralized protocol that enables digital creators to upgrade their NFTs with special content only accessible by the NFT owner. Darkblock gives creators more control over their content to enable new business models leveraging the power of NFTs. Darkblock is an open protocol for creators to leverage without permission. Darkblocks can be created and deployed to Arweave’s permanent data store directly, and then accessed via our TV App, our forthcoming web-delivery widget, or by interacting with the protocol to display content directly into any application.

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Announcing the release of Darkblock’s apps and pre-seed round

Darkblock has launched a web and tv-app to enable creators to upgrade existing NFTs to include an exclusive piece of content reserved for the NFT owner. The decentralized protocol layer works by attaching an encrypted asset to an existing NFT. The NFT displayed on a marketplace acts as a “preview” to the underlying asset (jpg, mp4, gif, etc.) protected in a Darkblock. Only the true owner of the NFT (or owners, if fractionalized), is able to decrypt and view the original NFT.

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How-To: Display Your Darkblock

Have you ever wanted to see your NFT? Sick of ‘casting’ and want a native app? Download our Darkblock TV-app. Available now on the Amazon app store and Google Play store, our TV-app allows users to utilize their existing smart TV to exhibit their digital assets. Select from custom display and orientation settings to get the most of your NFT artwork.

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