Welcome back to our series, ‘Darkblock Creator Spotlight,’ where we highlight creators using Darkblock to add utility to their NFTs!

Our mission at Darkblock is to enable creators to harness the power of web3 and realize a new creator economy free from platform control. This series allows us to not only highlight and share the talented work of our community, but gain a better understanding of what tools we need to benefit all of us! 

And on that note, it is our pleasure to introduce MegaRetro.


Where are you located?

Denver, Colorado

Website / Social:


@MegaRetroNFT @PotentPotions_

What medium/tools do you use to create your work?

Many. Procreate, Photoshop, After Effects, Visual Studio Code, Thirdweb, Darkblock!

Do you operate in web2, web3, or both? Why?

Both, to create multiple avenues to build an audience.

What blockchain(s) do you operate on, Why?

Polygon: eco-friendly, mass adoption, fast transactions, low gas fees, layer 2 blockchain

Tell us how you are using Darkblock.

We are using Darkblock to distribute and control access to our comic books in a web3 native way. Anyone can flip through the comic, but the story content pages will be blurred out using Darkblock’s protocol.

What tools/features are most important to you as a creator?

Darkblock! Controlling access to our comic books and animations is critical…It is also important for us to have a platform that works like a storefront for our content, or that has the ability to embed into my website.

Anything coming up? Drops? Events? Twitter Spaces?

We will be releasing our ‘Comic 1’ (using darkblocks!) Q4 2022. We are going through beta-testing and bug-fixing currently with @PrizemArtNFT to ensure the final product on the blockchain is solid for the foreseeable future. We will start advertising the Comic 1 release to Series 2 @PotentPotions_ holders about 3-4 weeks before it’s available. It’s essentially an expensive airdrop for holders of our NFTs. The Comics will also have NFT cover art with many trait possibilities creating rarities within even the cover artwork on the comics. This is cutting edge technology and we are so happy to integrate Darkblock! 


Thank you to MegaRetro for taking the time to fill out our survey. Comic books are a passionate use case of ours, and we love seeing how you are integrating and monetizing your work with our protocol. 

You can find MegaRetro’s work for sale on OpenSea here! To stay up to date on future drops, subscribe to his ‘secrets’ newsletter, follow his twitter accounts (@MegaRetroNFT, @PotentPotions_), and join his discord!


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