Today is Valentine’s Day and what better way to show your community some love than to give them all heart-shaped frames worthy of a Hallmark Card to surround their individual PFPs.

Jungle Cats, a PFP project on Solana, wanted to do something like that for its community. But how to create all that unique content…? And once created, how do you deliver a unique framed version of each community members’ PFP directly to them when all you have is a wallet address? You could airdrop them, but that could get expensive, and create confusion in secondary markets if you were to consistently introduce alternate versions of the collection to the blockchain.

So how to do it? That’s where Darkblock comes in.

Jungle Cats teamed up with Darkblock to show off how PFP projects can deliver exclusive digital assets direct to holders via their NFT. In this special collaboration, each Jungle Cat NFT now has a unique Valentine’s Day-themed version of their PFP immutably attached to their NFT. Unlike airdrops, these Valentine’s Day PFPs will forever travel with their corresponding NFTs even if they’re sold in the future.

The Valentine’s Day PFPs were delivered via the Darkblock Protocol, which enables Web3-native content delivery via decentralized unlockable content. The Valentine’s Day PFPs are encrypted, permanently stored on Arweave, and immutably attached to the NFTs so that only the owner can unlock and download them.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Jungle Cats to bring a touch of love and excitement to the Solana NFT community,” said Chris Seline, CEO of Darkblock. “This is a fun opportunity for Jungle Cat holders to showcase their NFTs in a special way on this special day, and we can’t wait to see the results.”

Jungle Cats holders can access and download their Valentine’s Day PFPs by visiting the Darkblock app and following these steps:

  1. Connect your wallet
  2. Select “My NFTs” from the main nav bar
  3. Select the “Unlockables” tab to view your NFTs that have decentralized unlockable content attached
  4. Click on your Jungle Cat PFP
  5. To the right, under the description, you should see the Darkblock Viewer with some content visible, but still inaccessible. Click the button that says “Authenticate Ownership”
  6. Sign the message to confirm you own the wallet that contains this NFT
  7. Once the content is decrypted, select the new JPG and download!
  8. Upload it to Twitter and Discord to show it off for today

Here’s a screen recording of how to unlock the content via the Darkblock app:

Darkblock is a protocol for decentralized unlockable content. While Jungle Cats holders are accessing these Valentine’s Day PFPs via the Darkblock app, the unlockable content is accessible from anywhere that integrates the protocol. Darkblock’s mission is to decentralize content and make it accessible anywhere someone interacts with their NFTs, whether it’s an ebook, videos, PDFs, metaverse assets, or a fun Valentine’s Day PFP.

For more information about Darkblock, visit our website and join our Discord. To inquire about how you can deliver exclusive assets direct to your community, email Ari at