The music industry has undergone significant changes over the years, with the rise of digital platforms and streaming services transforming the way musicians distribute and monetize their work. Now, blockchain technology is threatening to usher in a new revolution.

Musicians have discovered that NFTs offer a perfect vehicle to sell their music directly to fans, bypassing traditional industry structures and giving themselves the opportunity to explore new Web3-native business models. With NFTs, musicians can create unique digital assets that represent their music, such as albums or individual tracks, which their fans can then buy and collect. This gives fans an opportunity to support their favorite artists in a new way and, because they own a piece of the music, they’re more invested in the success of that artist, all of which creates a more meaningful relationship between musicians and their fans.

Last month, we at Darkblock did a deep dive into Literary NFTs and how authors were harnessing Web3 technology to sell their books to fans. It was such a success, that we decided to do it again—this time with music. Throughout March, we’ll explore how musicians are using NFTs and Web3 technology to find new ways to engage with fans and make a living from their work.

Here’s the schedule of Twitter Spaces and YouTube livestreams as of now. It will be updated throughout the month.


Music NFTs &. The Future of Music w/ Yunice & Ash — March 8
A discussion about how musicians are approaching Music NFTs with Ash Fishman, founder of and its first Web3 music cohort, and Yunice, a musician w/ 400 Music NFTs under her belt.
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Dialogue w/ Dope Stilo: From the Metaverse to the Cryptoverse to an Arena Near You — March 9
A YouTube livestream chat Dope Stilo, an LA-based artist who’s grown his audience through the non-traditional means of performing in metaverse concerts & dropping Music NFTs.
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A Web3 Music Journey with Songs of Eden — March 14
Songs of Eden is a musician with millions of Spotify streams, a multi-platinum music producer, and a pioneer in Web3 Music. He’s minted Music NFTs, held metaverse concerts, used Darkblock to reward holders w/ exclusive content, and is even preparing to launch a PFP project. Join us as Songs tells us about his journey of exploration in Web3 music.
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Breaking into Music NFTs w/ Belle Mt — Thurs., March 16, 2pm EST
Belle Mt, an indie alt-pop band from the UK, recently sold out its first Music NFT. We’ll speak with Matt from the band about his experience entering the Web3 space and how he’s approaching this new world.
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Investing in Musicians with Phlote Music DAO — Tues., March 21, 2pm EST
Phlote Music DAO is a music discovery and investment platform that uses Web3 tools to support up-and-coming musicians.
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More events will be added as we go. To keep tabs on the events we’ll be hosting, join our Discord.