NFT-TiX, a cutting-edge platform that utilizes blockchain technology to revolutionize the ticketing experience, has integrated Darkblock’s protocol for decentralized unlockable content to give its users the ability to add utility and value to their NFT tickets.

With Darkblock, event organizers using the NFT-TiX platform will be able to deliver exclusive multimedia content in a Web3-native way to their NFT ticket holders, such as audio or video recordings of the event that was just attended, promo codes for limited-edition merch drops, backstage passes for future shows, or any type of digital schwag they can imagine. Future updates could also give organizers the option to allow ticket holders to encrypt & attach their own content (e.g., photos and other mementos) to their individual NFT tickets.

“NFT-TiX is taking the ticketing experience to the next level by incorporating unlockable content directly into the ticket, giving ticket holders exclusive access to a whole new world of possibilities, experiences and memories thanks to our partners at Darkblock,” said Emil Ljesnjanin, NFT-TiX’s CEO.

The first show where NFT-TiX will use the Darkblock integration is the Transmission festival taking place in Sydney, Australia, on Feb. 11. Organizers plan to film the entire night and produce a documentary-style movie, which will be encrypted, permanently stored in a decentralized manner, and immutably attached to attendees’ NFT tickets—all thanks to the Darkblock Protocol.

Event organizers using the NFT-TiX platform can use Darkblock to explore new monetization strategies, including multi-tiered ticket pricing where higher tiers receive more valuable exclusive content, post-purchase upsells for additional unlockables, or even (coming soon) collecting ongoing subscription revenue if NFT holders want to receive an ongoing flow of unlockable content (e.g., the audio recordings of each show on a tour). They also have the potential to collect royalties on the secondary sales of NFT tickets that are no longer just mementoes, but have value because they’ll represent ownership in actual content.

Because the unlockable content—a film in the case of the upcoming Transmission festival—is immutably attached to the NFTs, the content moves with the NFT if it’s sold in the future. This creates the potential development of secondary markets for NFT tickets that contain exclusive, high-quality content deemed valuable by super fans. And, of course, with secondary sales comes royalties for the NFT creator.

“Tickets no longer need to be just mementoes for your scrapbook. With Darkblock, musicians, concert promoters, and event organizers can deliver real value to their ticket holders, and explore new monetization and fan-engagement strategies,” said Chris Seline, Darkblock’s CEO.

He added: “By reimagining NFTs as containers for exclusive content that is decentralized rather than token-gated like our existing Web2 walled gardens, we’ve opened up a world of innovative opportunities across industries, including events and ticketing. Your imagination is the only real limitation.”


About Darkblock

Darkblock, a Web3 pioneer in decentralized content delivery and monetization, enables creators to use Web3 technology to control the distribution, accessibility, and monetization of their content, but without making it right-click-savable. By repurposing NFTs as tokenized vaults for digital content (e.g., music, videos, podcasts, films, comics, ebooks, 3D metaverse or gaming assets, or even HTML files), Darkblock provides Web3’s missing encryption and access-control layer creators need to harness the power of NFTs, unlock new storytelling and community-building tools, explore new business models and ultimately build a new creator economy free from platform control.

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About NFT-TiX

NFT-TiX is a cutting-edge platform that utilizes blockchain technology to create a fair and transparent ticketing experience for event organizers and attendees. By using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent ownership of event tickets, NFT-TiX addresses many of the issues that plague the traditional ticketing industry, such as scalping and fraud. Additionally, NFT-TiX’s forward-thinking business model, which includes returning a percentage of re-sale revenue to the event organizer, empowers and promotes the relationship between organizers and attendees without the need for middlemen.

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