That’s right, friends, Calvin and Hobbs are coming to NFTs. Up until this point, the open nature of NFT IP has kept artistic mediums like ebooks and comics from entering the NFT arena.

Darkblock is changing that. Our protocol offers the added protection layer that pay-per-view artforms like comics need. Without encryption, comics can easily be copied and redistributed. Luckily, with our protocol, comics can finally monetize their art as NFTs.

To confirm our argument, our first ever partner was a comic release by Sigh Ducks. Our protocol enables them to provide their NFT holders with exclusive content via our decentralized protocol for unlockables. Follow the video below to watch one of Darkblock’s own check his Sigh Duck NFT for the exclusive comic.

To make things even more exciting, just a few weeks ago, 77 lucky Sigh Duck Darkblock owners were airdropped a limited edition comic to their existing NFTs.

To learn more about how to use Darkblock to protect and monetize your next comic release, head over to or find us on discord at